Up to 60 passengers

Customizable Entry Light

New rear transom window

Continuous one-piece handrails


15” wide-screen HD monitors

Upscale is the new standard

Interior Lighting Redefined

Illuminated Spiral Entry

Dimmable ceiling lights

Variable Color Illuminated Spiral Entry

New illumination on the entryway enhances safety, and signals there’s more to come.
The handrail redesign, with optional illumination for a high-end touch, advances the model’s ergonomic credentials.

Other special touches throughout the cabin including programmable RGB (red, blue and green) lamps to light the stepwell and cabin.
All lighting is dimmable and easily controlled from the driver’s dash and come in six colors plus white.

New airline-inspired ceiling lights and aisle puck lights, and parcel rack trim lights offered on the High-Spec, give this J4500 a wide-open look and adds ambiance, especially at night.

Enhance your drive with six different colors

Interior Highlights

The Most Legroom

With the J4500’s 56 seat configuration, every passenger is rewarded with nearly an extra inch of legroom, a half inch more than on any other coach. The 60-seat configuration, another industry breakthrough, offers 28 inches of hip to knee room comparable to past 56-seat configurations.

Interior Highlights

Lighting the way

New lighting features throughout the interior create a modern lighting atmosphere for passengers and allow for striking product differentiation with:

• Standard indirect LED ceiling lights and puck-style spotlights and entryway lights.

• Full-color can also be programmed for the entryway step and handrail lighting.

• Plus, a “clean” button feature illuminates all interior lighting to the brightest setting to facilitate coach cleaning.

Interior Highlights

Recessed Visor

The new scissor-style front window blinds recess into the redesigned front cap that now blends aesthetically with the parcel racks and improves the panoramic view for passengers. And the optional tempered glass emergency hatch becomes another source for natural light.


Start traveling in a whole new light

Parcel Rack

Woodgrain Parcel Rack

New surface options for the parcel rack doors offer a modern matte finish and complete the cabin’s appeal.

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