Energy Absorbing Bumpers

Customizable Entry Light

360º camera system


Expert Engineering

We believe our coaches must be dependable as well as technologically and aesthetically well designed. There is an artful balance of design and functionality in elements like our spiral stepwell. Examine the semi-monocoque construction and you’ll understand why the J4500 is the industry’s leading coach.


Lighting the way

New lighting features throughout the interior create a modern lighting atmosphere for passengers and allow for striking product differentiation with:

• Standard indirect LED ceiling lights and puck-style spotlights and entryway lights.

• Full-color can also be programmed for the entryway step and handrail lighting.

• Plus, a “clean” button feature illuminates all interior lighting to the brightest setting to facilitate coach cleaning.


Quality Manufacturing

We lead the industry with investments in innovations in manufacturing, parts and service. We understand the responsibility of designing, sourcing, building, delivering and supporting motor coaches that operate in daily service and in diverse and demanding environments. That’s why today we are proud of our newest MCI J4500 built with world-class quality standards with record-breaking, best-in-class achievements to help fuel the competitive successes of our customers.

Reliability Defined

Customers First

We listen to our customers, gaining their input from executive level discussions at motor coach associations’ annual meetings, our annual Reliability Rally events, training workshops and field reports. Our sole purpose is to serve our customers with reliable coaches and create a seamless team around every customer need. That’s why our newest MCI J4500 moves the needle with high impact improvements for operators, drivers and passengers. Based off key customer feedback, the MCI design and engineering teams centered their attention on interior space maximization and overall ambience. The result? This is a coach that fits in nicely with previous J4500 models, yet stands out with ahead of its time features and benefits.

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